Sunday, January 25, 2015

from jeri

red on kraft paper is just as pretty as white on kraft paper. the ball point scribble by the mailman is not as bad as the angry sharpie  or grease pencil scrawl, but it is unattractive. at least he put it in the mailbox. on the flourish forum, someone posted that their mailman was putting the mail under a boat in the front yard. that's bizarre.
although, i am not sure that person is in the u.s. - if i were not so lazy, i would check it out. i wonder if i am too lazy to work in a reference to being lazy in every single post.
i'm pretty lazy.

there was a bonus post yesterday, so be sure to look at the post just below this one, in case you are an early bird, and check the blog before 6am CST. i just checked my stats and it says that 299 people had visited the blog by 6amCST - so, i am flattered that i have so many readers.

thanks, jeri

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