Monday, January 12, 2015

sometimes it matters

i hope you enjoyed the it-just-doesn't-matter clip yesterday. it echos something i learned very early on from joan gordon. she has been a faithful attendee of calligraphy workshops and conferences for many years. i was obsessing over the quality of my work and she said something along these lines, "you know, jean, at a certain point, i just decided that i was far enough along on the learning curve to be content with my level and, sure, i could do more work to get better, but i don't feel like working that hard. i feel like creating things and being satisfied with them." if you are reading this blog, you will never be sheila or peter or denis or jake or jean larcher or john stevens - (all rock stars in the world of lettering - who work rather than read blogs) but, it just doesn't matter. anyone who knows their alphabet can benefit from mindless doodling or serious study. what does matter is that you fully appreciate the time you get to spend learning and experimenting. don't compare yourself to others. if you are drawn to envelopes....then make them and send them out into the world and enjoy the feedback.

i had an earlier version of this envelope. i missed the bump on the h and went straight into the y which made it read *catly.* i pondered a fix - but i knew i was looking for a nice, simple, fluid line. so, in this case, it did matter. i did not want any layering or extra stuff. and i boldly threw an envelope in the waste bin without even trying to fix it. then i wrote o'rear and i really don't like the size of it....but it-just-doesn't-matter. i was on a roll, i was not going to let a small disappointment derail the whole envelope. so....i'll resolve the problem of the o-rear when i put in the rest of the address.

and here is a nice interview with one of the rock stars i mentioned above. this kid is practically in diapers and his skill is ree-dik-a-lus.

anyone wondering why i am reading columns on a site called the art of manliness need not worry that i am gender confused. it just popped up when i googled *IAMPETH master penmen* because i wanted to include jake on the list but couldn't remember his name...and then, when i read the interview, i really liked his perspective.


  1. Bill you Murray me, Jean, oh great rock star of fun and envelopes? Great advice and thank you.

  2. Thank you! We always need to be reminded "it just doesn't matter". I gave a card to someone who "knows" calligraphy more than I do. I couldn't believe that she commented on the size of the letters that I wrote on the envelope. I didn't follow the rule that my letters should be 5 times the size of the nib. I was writing "Alyce's letters", not perfect Italic.