Tuesday, January 6, 2015

still catching up

A. Nonnie Moss sent this one back in october. the p.o. decided it was too cool to cancel.

it is in the category of *fills up all the space* -which i seldom do, so I am not good at explaining why it is successful.

i like that word.
and it has a mysterious story going on. it would be fun to have a bunch of different people write the story....and then compare them.

thanks, nonnie

and thank you to the PO for working so hard to find the address. i'm thinking the PO might forget to scribble on the envelopes if they have to work really hard to even find the address.


  1. What a cool envelope! It took me a little time to pick up the address. You must have a great mailman. I bet he's as anxious as we are to see what your mail brings each day.


  2. It took me awhile to find Wilson and jean is also very well hidden. There is a thing called a calligram where the letters actually make the object they are spelling. So Jean needs to get her eyebrows taken care of. You might want to do something with your hair also. Very cute

  3. nonnie will appreciate the comments. and yes, i do need to think about some grooming....hats and big sunglasses might work. have you seen the film and blog, Advanced Style?...those ladies should inspire me.

  4. I am very impressed that this was delivered. The address is pretty tough to figure out!

  5. i think the local postal workers are getting to know me and looking forward to the variety and challenges.