Friday, January 2, 2015

christy - exchange

this is the last one from the winter exchange. i kept running out of stamps and needed to come up with something new. this one is a little scattered, but it's not the worst thing i've ever put out. the name Christy is full of opportunities to fling loops.

those dotta-riffic markers are so much fun. too bad i don't have time to buy a full set and really spend some time experimenting with them.

it bothers me a little that the blues clash. but, i the parts i like outweigh the parts i would change.


  1. from my computer's point of the view, the match is pretty good and I am sure Janis would love the colors & lettering, it matches her personality...

  2. This looks great - the lettering of Christy is really cool. Colors are vibrant, just like the stamp. Voice of Nina: It doesn't always have to be matchy matchy to work.

  3. Reds clash but Blues blend -- I think it looks great!