Monday, January 19, 2015


the top card and envelope is from a friend who was not in the exchange. she had her design letterpressed.

the bottom envelope is from my french penpal, eric bruth. he creates digital designs.

thanks sheryl and eric

snowflakes are so pretty. i was just talking to A. Nonnie Mouse about how much we like things found in nature. we did not mention snowflakes, but they would totally be on my list of favorite things in nature that make me wonder why i even bother making things. if you have never taken time to surf through the actual photos of snowflakes that you can find on the internet, i encourage you to take a moment to look at some. they are breathtaking....

i had another conversation with a friend - where we were trying to one-up each other on just exactly how lazy we were. or maybe we were trying to one-down each other. whichever way it is, i'm guessing she is too lazy to surf around for some good snowflake macro-photos. so here's a link:

i'm so lazy, i just chose the one at the top of the list.

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