Saturday, January 10, 2015

message in a bottle - exchange envelope

once again, i am not sure if this exchanger wants to be identified by name, so i will not include the artist's name unless he or she lets me know that it is ok to do so.

one of my best little mail art grasshoppers was at my house on the day this arrived and it thrilled her to no end. she wanted me to be sure to tell the artist that she has a BIG FAN here in iowa.

make that two. it is always fun to hear from readers. i think this envelope pushes things just the right amount. it is fun, whimsical, and legible. thank you for participating :-)

and this was the fall exchange. it was supposed to show up earlier, but, i had to bump it forward  because something needed to be stuck in earlier....blah blah now, i assume nobody is concerned about the random disorganization of my blog, eh?
you just want one fun thing to pop up every morning.

tomorrow i shall have a humorous rant.

unless it gets bumped....

expect the unexpected


  1. how fun to open up your blog this morning and see the envelope I sent! I was very intimidated by the others in doing the exchange and wished I had not committed, but just went for it. I do calligraphy but no where near the expertise I see on this blog. So my mail art is more what I sent to you. I'm always looking for something steal worthy! So much I could improve on this now that I see it in a photo. But glad you and your friend enjoyed it. I've used it since to send a note to a grandchild. Yes, you can use my name. Carol Campbell in Texas

  2. and I was glad to see the post office did not massacre the stamp! So fun my envelope was blog worthy after all.

    1. Definitely! It also appeared on my blog a few weeks ago, so that's 2 blog entries for your messages in bottles. [Shameless plug: ]

      And I learned to move past feeling intimidated. I can't do what Jean and Smash do, but I also don't have hours and hours (and years and years) to put into learning how to approach that level. I put some effort in, try a few things, and it seems that most people like what I'm doing which is great.

  3. Dear bloggers, I must say that I was a professional calligrapher for 30 years and I am not trying to intimidate anyone.. I love the blog and check it every morning, it makes me smile and if it happens to be calligraphic, it inspires me. It also makes me happy that the artistic applications are still pertinent and that the craft might survive