Saturday, January 3, 2015

finn's lettering

another sample of finn's wrought iron lettering. i wonder if i will ever come up with another style that he will be compelled to try.

i am also impressed with his bat flying across the moon. that might be the first illustration he has done. maybe there are other examples on his blog....

once again, we are all disappointed in the postal worker with the big fat sharpie. boo.

note: the lettering yesterday on my envelope to christy is what evolved from the style that lured finn into letttering. i eventually added my own lower case. so, the fun of this lettering is that it had some fun details and you can really stretch it and morph it. it seems so orderly on the surface, but, it gets better as it gets looser.

1 comment:

  1. I stole the graphic idea from Christy's Halloween card.

    I liked this set of letters because they are very forgiving. Small variations, and even bigger ones, end up looking intentional. I might try others in the future, you never know.