Wednesday, January 7, 2015

smash - experiment

i was having so much fun writing in white gel over the top of marker, i thought of doing this. there is a cardinal SIN in traditional calligraphy -  writing in all caps with a flourished set of caps. it is a popular style in prison tattoos, but the rest of us frown on it.

sometimes i like to experiment with breaking cardinal rules. it's not something i plan on trying again -plus- i did not have a stamp in mind when i started.

after i found the hanukkah stamp, i thought it would work, but then after i adhered it to the envelope, i was wishing i had started over and made the green rectangles more similar to the proportion of the stamps.
but, it was done, so it went in the mail.
and it is at the bottom of the list of ideas to explore further.


  1. I am now convinced, I much prefer the envelopes to the cards. Each one is a little creative gem whereas the cards can be a bit repetitive. This one looks even better in the flesh. How do you keep the little pointed pens from clogging when they go over marker or paint?

  2. So far the uniball white gel pens have been doing fine over marker. I have not been trying them over paint. And I know that I have to slow down. Fast marks will skip.