Saturday, January 24, 2015

bonus post

today's post has a rerun of a fairly recent i thought i would add in a bonus post today.
today's scheduled post is below this one.

this arrived from alyce and i was very happy to receive a second one with my crazy request to just give directions to my house and not include the house number. i am so impressed with the USPS.

also, i really like the soft shadowing around the edge of the envelope. it looks like it might be chalk. and the use of red on just three words is a nice tie-in with the stamp.

thank you alyce

here is the latest from jessica hische.
looks like she is channeling my obsession with wrought iron lettering.


  1. I'm so happy that it arrived! I wonder how many people in the USPS actually read this and what they thought.

  2. wow, I love the idea, and I love that it actually arrived. :)