Friday, January 30, 2015

finn's celtic - step 2

i repeated the layering that i tried on karen's envelope. this envelope is smooth and karen's envelope had a cool texture that was more friendly to colored pencil.

i wanted to add some gold ink on yesterday's envelope to try to tie in the stamp a little better, and experimented on the back. it looked awful. i figured the white gel pen would be a good addition to this one and i like it. although, the white ink skipped a little on the colored pencil. i was surprised it stuck at all. colored pencil can repel ink.

such a pretty stamp. i like the chef series. seems like i would be drawing more food. but i am stuck on this celt-ish font. the Ns are too wide. maybe i can add some food to disguise that error. or, there are some pretty little lacy flowers on her dress. those would be perfect.

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  1. This one looks even better in person; thank you.