Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ho hum

this one needs something else. i tried to make batman pointy shapes on the zip, but they don't really work. i might look for something to add today...


  1. Waterloo, IA here and your artwork is amazing. I've been trying to find the kind of mail art that works for me (old gum wrappers, wasabi tape and magazine pages don't do it). I love to doodle and somehow I stumbled upon your blog. So inspirational. I've ordered a book on zentangle as that seems to be where my mind goes. Seeing your posts in my email makes me smile.

  2. Welcome to the blog. Zentangles have some good ideas for designs. Maria Thomas, the author, frequently shows how she found and adapted a new pattern. You will soon start finding your own patterns all around you. Thanks for leaving a comment.