Thursday, January 22, 2015

cathy's soldiers

darn scanner won't work. bad choice of background paper, but i am not going to re photograph these envelopes because the blogger is giving me fits (turning the photos upsidedown.
so -
another example of me making people shaped letters. i need to go back and see exactly how many different categories of people i have made into letters. i'm really liking these people. and they were just my very first rough attempt. imagine how much fun they would be if i actually spent time on them. or maybe they are better when they are wonky.
i'm trying to decide which one is my favorite. they just seem so....i don't know....what?


  1. like the Whirling dervishes of Istanbul! Except not whirling. I think the A guys are the best. and yes you make the greatest people letters.

  2. Hope they march down south soon!

  3. I think you described them perfectly when you said "they are wonky". My thought exactly. Sometimes art can't be too over thought or it loses its momentum. These are perfect, carry on. :)

  4. Oh, Hester, I'm glad you mentioned the whirling dervishes of Istanbul. I have always been fascinated with I have to do a a dervish-font...
    Cathy, I'll try to get them in the mail promptly...and thanks for leaving a comment Lisa :-)