Friday, January 16, 2015

cathy's loaves

i pondered making an entire name out of bread.  then i came to my senses. not that it couldn't be just wasn't going to be quick enough. so...the C-a connection is very clumsy. but- all together now *it-just-doesn't-matter*

i am a big fan of bread. but, sadly, bread has now become a big debate. i had a long coffee-fueled rant about gluten, but i deleted it and will just rant about how [pause] i couldn't think of anything i wanted to rant about. ominous. do you ever feel like there is someone else in your head over-riding your thoughts? is that question going to get me sent to the office? i'll just wait patiently for dr finn to set me straight. and the tail on the y bothers me a little.

1 comment:

  1. Sadly all I can think of is 'senior moment' - I've had several just this morning, including 2x 'why am I in this room?'

    Maybe your rant-removing angel is just trying to keep you in a positive mood.