Sunday, January 11, 2015

it just doesn't matter

i needed to come up with some ideas for the batman stamps. my first thought was big bold black. there are at least 10 things about the basic lettering that are *wrong.* but i want this to be a lesson in

there is a time for perfection and then there is a time for just frogging around. a time for this a time for that. (that sounds like a song, eh?)

so, instead of me ranting about how i wish people would just toss off more stuff without nitpicking, i will direct you to my favorite rant on film. it is from the movie *meatballs* which takes place at a camp for underdogs. every year, they have a competition with the fancy-schmancy camp across the lake and every year they lose. but, bill murray manages to convince them, that when it comes to winning and losing, it just doesn't matter. [except when it does - which we will cover tomorrow]


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