Saturday, January 31, 2015

hische-arrific - cathy

on the surface, this looks fine. on closer inspection, the name *cathy* is a hot mess. it was the first word i wrote. i won't bore you with the order of each word. i'll just say that as i kept going, i was liking it better.

and i'm so excited about my new obsession that i am bumping the post for today and inserting this one, in case anyone is inspired to make curlicues all over the place.

this is a g-tec on a crane's lettra envelope....heaven...that W in wilson stinks...and i could nit-pick up one side and down the other....but, i'm so excited about this concept.


  1. Every envelope blogger in America has had this very envelope in their mind since the stamp was released last week. In fact I was going to use it for the exchange. Now I have to actually think and come up with something more original This could take time. Good job

  2. and yesterday i did my envelope to you :-)
    i think you should just do your own version of this.
    it is SO MUCH FUN to just layer the curlicues...

  3. I love this stamp. Just ordered some yesterday. Along with the black/white rose stamp with the small red heart. Anxious for them to arrive. Time to get those g-tec pens out and practice.