Sunday, February 1, 2015

cathy's celtic chef - step 3

i took the gel pen from step two and the nicer textured envelope from step one - and started writing the name. the grid texture is not square on the envelope, so, i just left everything going up-hill.

now i need to think of something else. it needs a street address. since there is a nice chunk of black on the stamp, the address could be chunky black. now, deciding if it should just be a graphic element or maybe some kind of illustration that ties in the chef-i-ness. i wish i had a bunch of vegetable rubber stamps. i know someone who does, but i am too lazy to drive across town.

but, i do love the idea i just had. somehow, talking to my readers helps me think of stuff. and of course, it keeps you coming back every day because it is a big ol' cliff hanger. is my idea brilliant or is it just so-so...or perhaps it is ho-hum.... stay tuned

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