Thursday, February 26, 2015

are these repeats? 2 messy ones to jeri

 i don't see these in the archive, and i don't like them, but i put the less successful stuff out there because anyone could look at the technique and think of a way to do it that would be more pleasing.

and who knows, i might come up with a brilliant idea to add that one last layer that makes me love them.

if these are repeats, please leave a comment and i will add a bonus post today.


  1. The first one has no address at all and the second has no zip. The only thing that makes them mail art is the stamp and 15 cents won't do it. Where is our bonus?

    1. Smash, your comment made me laugh. I like the top one more than the bottom.

  2. I'm pretty sure I have posted a bunch of envelopes without addresses and somewhere I announced that I was going to use up my stash of vintage stamps by making faux mail. Finding pleasing combinations of stamps as well as the correct amount has become a chore. I'm pretty sure the blog will be much better once I get the leftovers cleared out and just focus on the new Forevers.

  3. Prioritize... Envelope first, if you find a pleasing stamp,great! If not, Don't sweat it.