Thursday, February 12, 2015

letter writing robot

this is a screen shot of some actual lettering. it is from a website offering a robotic letterwriting service.

they have some styles of penmanship that you may choose. or you may send your own handwriting and they will make it into a font.

you may then type in messages to people and the robot will write your message using a real pen and they will mail the letter/note for you.

and the price is very reasonable - $2.99US.
of course, any handwriting turned into a font still lacks the variety in characters that makes real handwriting look real. it would be fun to know if they make a go of it. i'm thinking i should start a service where people call me and dictate over the phone and i do an actual letter and drop it in the mail.

it does bother me that they have this nice bit of handwriting in a very prominent place - implying that they will send a letter that looks like this. this is very pretty....but it is not done by a robot.

should i contact the company and suggest to them that they are misleading their customers?

this is what the robot writing looks like:

IMHO they need some better cursive options.

the new envelope for today is in a post below.

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