Saturday, February 28, 2015

cathy's hische-a-lope

cathy and i have both admired the work of jessica hische and we're glad the p.o. chose her to design this stamp. the wrought iron lettering is so perfect. i'm bummed that i don't have any pretty red envelope. i have some darker red squares...but i would need two stamps....

thank you cathy

we also wonder how much a person gets paid to design a stamp. i know i have read articles that everyone wants to be a stamp designer ... so maybe they don't have to pay much because the desire to do the work is so high.... finnbadger, any chance we can get you to research this for us? and while you're at it, how about telling us what a finnbadger is. if you google finnbadger, all you find is a ton of stuff about YOU and your mail art....did you know that???

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  1. 1. This is a beautiful envelope from Cathy.

    2. This is not easy information to find - I did find reference to designers being paid $5000 for a design in 2009. It may have gone up since then.

    3. Bit of a long story - and now I realize that I forgot to answer Karen in my last mailing, as she had the same question! Hope she reads today's post. Finn is on of the cats. He is 90% honey badger (google the video if you don't know this reference - not work safe due to some language), and 10% princess, so sometimes he is known FinnBadger - he does what he wants. I wanted a nickname for my blogging, so I just went with that. Not because I am a Badger or a Princess, although I can have moments of both.