Thursday, February 5, 2015

from saba

this is saba's exchange envelope. i can't tell if she uses markers or watercolor. it's a darling sketch. great use of the international stamp. and i like the typewriter.
it makes me a little sad that i did not keep my typewriter....but, it's probably just as well that i do not have it here to tempt me away from my chores.
i like how the type is very soft.
i wonder if she just uses very old typewriter ribbon or if you can get soft gray ink in a ribbon....
maybe she will let us know in the comment section.

thanks saba

BTW - the reason her sketch is so nice - she has a very light touch, does not overwork the lines, leaves some white space for sparkle, and her coloring is outside the lines. maybe she does the color first and then goes back and does the black lines. either way, she is loose with her layering. just loose enough to make it fresh. not so loose that it is sloppy.
very nice.


  1. Actually, your typewriter is in my basement.

  2. well that is exciting news....thanks....