Saturday, February 7, 2015

uber popular nancy envelope

this is one of the envelopes that i see frequently on Pinterest. there is another one (from alyce) and i thought i re-ran that one, but now i can't find it. i am reposting this one, because every now and then i try to find a scan of it, and i can't. by putting it on the blog and saying - Nancy Hills - in the blog post, i will be able to find it any time i want it. i just type nancy hills into the search bubble.

i think i will do do a search for stealworthy and see how many pop up.

you can try stealing this idea....but, i'm warning will be a challenge.


  1. This is among one of my all time favorite envelopes, cheerful, elegant, playful even the stamp and barcode add to it's success

  2. This reminds me of JoAnne Fink.

  3. nancy hills is incredibly talented

  4. nancy hills is incredibly talented