Saturday, February 7, 2015

from finnbadger

finn sent these in december. he didn't know that he was going to be honored for his lettering, so he did not know the pressure he is under to do more hand lettering. of course, i'm just as happy to inspire all y'all to try to be as lazy as i am. so, it's fine with me if he doesn't bother with lettering. but, i do like to encourage lettering.

part of me gets a little snarky when his envelopes are better than mine. even though as the zen master, i know that my ultimate goal is for my grasshoppers to surpass me, so i have attained that lofty goal (several times over) and i guess the air is a little thin up here, plus, nobody has really filled me in on exactly how the zen master thing works. i think i will change it to zun master. something a little different. i should be more respectful to the actual zen masters. plus, i'm a big fan of alturnutiv speling.

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  1. Top left seems to be a popular place for the dreaded postal marker to strike. Glad to see the 20 year old envelope traveled as well as the new one.