Wednesday, February 11, 2015

another flo-rific envelope

jan brought her envelopes from the winter exchange over for me to see and i love this one from flo. some people do a variety of envelopes, others choose a design and do all the same. it's entirely up to you.

i am bummed that i do not have any of these stamps left. i had several envelope ideas that i really liked, but not this, i will be looking for opportunities to steal this idea and apply it to another stamp. but, i doubt i can top this.

thanks, florence
(no doubt she is named for the city of florence, one of those cities that continues to be a great source of inspiration to artists)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jean! I was named after a grandmother in England. Florence was shortened to Flo years ago by a roommate in college. I did a wild and crazy envelope for you to make sure you had never seen anything like it! This bouquet of flowers was fun to do!