Friday, February 13, 2015

my dutch penpal

i bumped today's scheduled post to insert this one. it arrived from the netherlands. anna saw one of my envelopes on pinterest and decided to mail me a surprise letter. she didn't say anything about my blog, so i have to respond by snail mail and warn her that i put her envelope on the blog. i hope that's ok with her, if not, i can take it down. she must have seen one of the old envelopes from my studio days at 430. i changed it to 420. someday i need to obliterate all the 430s, but there are so many on pinterest...there will always be 430s out there.

here is the cool part. my mailman knew to give it to me. isn't that nice? feb 4th was letter carrier appreciation day. i need to send a belated thank you.

thank you anna - there are several ideas on this envelope to inspire both my readers and myself.


  1. Welcome to the spontaneous-send-an-envelope-to-jean club, Anna!

  2. I really like this envelope. And it is great that the post office didn't ruin with their cancellation marks.

  3. very all American looking. Is that the Bird of Spring on the "W". Please send him to Boston!