Sunday, February 8, 2015

hische - 1st and 3rd tries

this was my first try at something to go with the jessica hische stamps. i had not even purchased them yet. the images are snipped off the USPS website.

this is a perfect example of how scroll-y letters in all caps are very unpleasant. i would not even post this, but i want you to see why it is a usually a bad idea. the DONNA should have been larger. and the MICHEL should have gone down in the space between the two lines with the address. DONNA looks OK in all caps, but the MICHEL looks dreadful. it just depends on the combination of letters.

 things got better after i had the actual stamps.
this is still very rough, but i like adding some weight to some of the strokes
i put in a fake address in pencil and there is a heart instead of a 0 in the zip code, so when i do her actual address, i will find a place to make a third heart. and i don't think i need that line. three elements would have been fine on their own.


  1. I think I like the white version of the stamp more than the red one. And your heart-shaped embellishment is really impressive!

  2. there are some envelopes coming up with the red stamp that look very nice..i think you will end up liking both of them :-)