Sunday, February 15, 2015

from jill - bonus post

another spontaneous-send-an-envelope-to-jean club member. this is jill, from indiana.

i wonder if the club will ever go viral and if i will ever reach a tipping point where i am getting more mail than what i can respond to.
also, question for jill:
is there significance to the cuckoo clock?
not that i am sensitive about being cuckoo...just wondering.

thanks jill, i know there will be stealing of this idea.


  1. No significance, Jean, except that I felt it was "time" to participate! Something I would change- I would put the time as 4:20. That would make the whole drawing cuter!

  2. i know that feeling put a lot of time into the envelope...and then think of something that would have added to the overall... thanks again for sending.