Friday, February 27, 2015

more grateful dead envelopes

last year my husband and son wanted to get tickets to a what's-left-of-the-grateful-dead concert. they had to submit their request by mail. i guess the promoters want to make it an even playing field so there is a snail mail lottery for tickets instead of just who-is-fastest-on-the-internet. at the link below is a scan of the envelope i made for them showing a nice dad and son - hoping to get tickets. of course they were chosen to receive some of the coveted tickets. actually, they got very good seats. and they were sure it was because of my decorated envelope.

well, a couple weeks ago, there was a new concert announced and again, you had to apply for a chance to get tickets by mail. i was out of town. so my husband and son used a plain envelope. they also had to include a postal money order - so they did that at the main post office. my dear postal worker friend, Natalie, was working and she said there had been a ton of people sending in requests for grateful dead tickets that day. we're all sad that i was not here to make the envelope. i think i better make some to have on hand... and leave a blank to fill in which show and how many tickets. my husband and son were impressed that Natalie was able to whip out an envelope from me. i really must send Natalie some more mail.

then chuck sent me this link where they are posting some of the envelopes. thank you chuck.
the artist is Nathan Slim Pickens - rats, i forgot his last name - but you can find it if you go to the FB page- i am resisting the temptation to surf...

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