Friday, February 6, 2015

chefs and mentawai

i was directing someone to as a source for fun lettering and had to check the name to make sure it was dafont, singular and not plural. of course, when the site popped open, my will power popped out the window and i surfed around looking at fonts. i saw this one, which lured me in - because of this weird curly wrought iron binge i have been on.

it is called metawai and is based on some indonesian tribal tattoo style. isn't that amazing?

i was able to resist the temptation to surf around the sites offering travel accommodations on the islands. seems like it is a big site for surfing, which is right up my alley, although i suspect that it is the actual in-the-water activity and the thought of me in a swim suit is scary to say the very least. anyone who needs either kind of surfing may start here:

there is a nice blurb with details about the font.

i could not decide which chef to pair with a tattoo, so, i just used them all.
the bolder kathy has a lot of problems. the finer weight schneider is fun. i even like the variety in sizes that were necessary to fit it all on one line. no planning or penciling today. i am scheduling this on jan 1st, a holiday reserved for puttering in the studio.

the address will be in one tiny line at the bottom.

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