Thursday, January 15, 2015

ho hum

this was one of the earlier ones in the whole series i worked on. it doesn't thrill me and there isn't anything new. but it wasn't bad enough to toss. i know if i carve a little batman logo and rubber stamp them all over the place, i will like it better, but, sadly, the items on my to-do list that are higher than carving stamps are going to stay right where they are and unless some nutty person pays me to send invitations for their batman themed wedding, no rubber stamping. finnbadger: your task for the day is to google *batman themed wedding* and report what you find. yes, my new hobby is thinking of things that finn can't resist researching for me. too bad i already researched DIY brain surgery and found out that it does in fact exist. so, you don't have to research that. unless you think i am pulling your leg....which you know i would never do.

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