Wednesday, December 31, 2014

stella's yearly envelope

so, here is stella's yearly envelope to me. i had given up on hearing from her. she was the *winner* of best envelope for 2013. i figured she just wasn't into mail art....and then this showed up and - it really is one of the best envelopes of 2014. there is a large part of me that does not want to declare any *winner.* mail art is not a competition.
but, a while back, i received an envelope that i wanted to honor. i went ahead and scheduled it to pop up as *best of 2013*
so, i will have to change that post to reflect that i am changing *best*
to one-of-the-best
for the ones that i want to mention.
considered yourself honored, stella
this is a beautiful envelope and the vandalism by the post office makes me very very sad.


  1. Fascinating. Very clever selection of a small portion of the stamp to paint on the envelope. I wonder how well this idea would work for other stamps? Johnny Cash would be easy...

  2. i am tempted to take any stamp (or every stamp) and find 10 details within the stamp to inspire the envelope....thank you for making sure i spend the next two days on this project, instead of completing those end of year tasks that i vowed i would complete today. now i can bump them to the weekend. curse you, red baron.

  3. Great Envie, it appears only way to avoid the vandalism is to stand in line for a hand canellation by the PO Clerk. I even had them some cancel artistamps by mistake. The best of mistake. Wanted to say Happy New Year and look forward to another great year of envelopes, great Calligraphy and maybe an envelope exchange or two...

  4. If you look carefully, you can see the edges of this envelope where it cracked while Stella was folding it into env shape. I think the vandals punish us when we put the stamp on the wrong side. It's like a hex from the PO
    A very Happy New Year with tons more env and exchanges

  5. I love to blend colors and enjoyed making this envelope. Thank you for considering me for one-of-the-best envelopes of the year! Best to you Jean - from Stella.