Thursday, December 11, 2014

mary katherine's exchange envelope

mary katherine created a little scene with a poster hanging on the wall in the clown's tent. i'm flattered that i am designated as*greatest.* i'd be lucky to make the top 100. as i always say, it's not a contest. if we calculated *greatest* based on how much fun a particular person had...i'd surely make top ten.

thanks mary catherine.


  1. Mary Katherine has surely captured the essence of the circus stamp in her design. Colors are great, even the stripes of the stockings. The title description is perfect for our leader

  2. Great envelope! The imagination, talent, and time spent on making this envelope, makes the sentiments ring true.


  3. and the Clown is taking a bow before the Ring Master of the Circus... great design

  4. Seeing this post and reading the comments made today brighter for me. Thank you for the kind words!