Friday, December 5, 2014

miss munster earthscape

thisis the beginning of a mini-series by miss munster. she pulled out her cola pen and made a series of envelopes. i had mentioned in an earlier post that her lettering looked like carl rohrs and she wasn't sure she saw the influence. since i made the comment, i have decided that she probably studied with so many of the rock-star scribes that it would be hard to pin any of her work on the influence of just one scribe.

this is dreamy....all i can say is can have a ton of fun just lettering on your own. a few things are IMHO impossible to learn unless you see someone doing the lettering in person. i don't know if a video would be enough.  i will look for a video of this style of lettering and let you know if i find one.


  1. Love, love it if I was a mail carrier I would have trouble reading the name, but I think they deliver by address. The Munster, IN cancel stamp is perfectly placed,
    Love the color and the entire env

  2. Thanks! Depending who is working at the post office, I can request cancel placement. The grey pointed brush (fav tool) spells jean over & over, the pink spells wilson. Jean, your winter exchange arrived yesterday. Love!!