Wednesday, December 3, 2014

stealworthy from smash-girl

there are previous envelopes on the blog that have a portion of a letter enclosed by a border. this is an uber-stealworthy variation by smash.

she dovetailed the spiral from the stamp and added polka dots because who doesn't love polka dots.

and she knows how to center :-)
always worth the extra time. maybe she can do it by eyeball. i always have to write the line once in pencil, to find the center.

and the cliff hanger from the sunday post....
in a nutshell, thanks to my loyal readers
i have had enough feedbag (hahaha - i love that typo) feedback, that i have figured out how to resolve all my *issues.*
1. am able (happy) to let go of beloved stamps
2. have new *filing system* whereby we will all know everything that i know and we will be able to access it
3. i forgot number three - but i am sure it will come to me.

implementation will be as follows:
1. new improved nibs and ink blog to include every single handout and exemplar in my stash so that we can all find them when we need them.
2. new blog called Art for the Intimidated - which will cover all the other lessons that are not specific to lettering
3. yoga for calligraphers - sadly, publishers clearing house never comes to my house...but a nice yoga instructor did happen to stop by looking for penmanship lessons and voila, we are now trading secrets. i tossed out the idea of us co-teaching penmanship and yoga to resolve all the ailments of too much time at your desk. she didn't recoil in, that project is on the drawing board and we will keep you posted if it seems feasible.


  1. Another fun one from Smash.

    And thanks for ending the suspense. Art for the intimidated sounds like a great idea.

  2. love the yoga for calligraphers idea