Friday, December 12, 2014

miss munster's elephant

miss munster had a note in one of her envelopes that made a reference to her local post office announcing that they would no longer hand cancel....and she somehow convinced them otherwise. i would really like to hear the whole story. i've received many nice envelopes from karen...and really appreciate all of them. i have many questions for karen...i suppose i could send a questionnaire....

this is from her series done with a cola pen.

you can google cola pen and see what they are. you make them yourself. lots of fun, but i think they are something you need to experience in person. i don't think a video would be enough to launch a beginner on the process.

thanks karen.  stamp placement is so cool.

there is a post below that is an extra post, full of off-topic topics.
ignore it if you have important things to get done.
read it if you want to avoid what you should be doing.


  1. i don't want to discourage anyone from trying a cola pen - by watching the videos - if you are motivated, you can probably figure it out.

  2. As long as we're on a rant, why do I have to keep looking at that naked fat woman who needs lipo just to post on this blog. Why can't Facebook remember me, even John Neal remembers me. And what about that stupid code that reads either "in" or "m". Why would a robot want to post on this blog?

  3. thank you for the very well written rant. i love a good rant. it gets my blood circulating.
    sadly....i keep hearing new and reliable stories about the people/robots who have made it a hobby to make trouble. i'd love to meet one in person and find out why? there must be some story behind the motivation to just make trouble.
    anyhow....i am currently staying pretty active on The Flourish Forum...and they recently had a person/robot sign on and jump through some hoops, just to become trusted enough to post - at the same time that trusted members were asking to have the security questions removed - and the post that came up was not in keeping with flourishing - so, it illustrated that...people/robots are persistent in a negative direction. bah. it is sad. it is disappointing. is what we have to put up with to enjoy the camaraderie of the internet. i might start a new blog - just for rants. of course mine will be a little more in the direction of -- seriously, is there some reason the jelly has to be on the floor as well as in your sandwich? and the ever popular...if i have to walk in there and point to the belt that is in plain sight, i will not be happy....anyone care to top these?

  4. I've never publicly ranted, but your jelly comment....
    We have a theory in our home. The probability of the bread falling jelly-side down is inversely proportionate to the cost of the carpeting.

  5. well, rants about carpet might be a little more than my blood pressure can handle. although, the one where i managed to get the stain expert make a house call...and his admonition is forever etched in my brain...put on your best southern iowa drawl which sounds almost like arkansas, speak slowly, and pause where indicated: "welllllll Kool-Aid I don't let that stuff in the house." and then he proceeded to tell me the super top secret method to remove koolaid stains which i will put on the official rant-blog along with the super top secret method to remove permanent marker from....from....well, let's just say it was dramatic enough that i took photos.