Monday, December 29, 2014

snowman for the exchange exchange

here is the idea i came up with for the snowman stamps. the first one i did was susan's. i thought the scarves were a little clunky, so i used a different marker on the other three, but i am not sure i like the lighter weight scarves. i have a huge issue with how the hats sit on the heads. i know i could solve that problem, but, i do not have any more stamps and i have turned over a new leaf. i am not going to buy any more stamps. well, that is an absurd statement. i might. but, sometimes i can be pretty rigid and inflexible. maybe dr. finnbadger will explain how i can be both rigid and inflexible and also weak and helpless at trying to get my stamp addiction under control? i hope you have malpractice insurance, dr. finnbadger. my family is starting to lose their patience with me. and there is a lawyer amongst them. perhaps you should turn this case over to nurse ratchet. (actually i have 2 nurse ratchets here in des moines who keep me in line.)
oops. coffee was too strong this morning.


  1. Love! As a lucky recipient of one of these delightful creations, I thank you!

  2. all the scraf and hat creatures are "too cute", and there is no help for Stamp addition. too many nice ones on the go for next year. Maybe try purchasing only one sheet of each new issue at a time.