Wednesday, December 17, 2014

from chuck

sadly, the scanner will not interpret the neon orange on my name. the neon just makes the whole envelope. i guess i should try a phone shot, but all y'all know how i can't get phone shots to appear in the correct orientations.

this lettering was inspired by the jethro tull poster border from the filmore west poster. chuck used the Pitt artist brushes.

thanks chuck :-)

i guess the secret to making phone photos work is to have a little online conversation with my phone and ask it to be nice. i'm sorry about that background....i suspect if i try to fix it, the phone will cease cooperating. 
so, we will just move along to the next envelope.


  1. The timing of the exchange is so perfect. As these envelopes come in I display them with the holiday cards. I must say, they are adding greatly to the collection

  2. Great borders, as usual. Very nice envelope, Chuck!