Sunday, December 28, 2014

cardinal exchange envelopes

here are some more envelopes for the december exchange. i had a few cardinal stamps left. they have some green dots and gifts on them, so, i am trying to decide if i am going to add any green to the envelope. my gut tells me no. so, these 5 people will have a surprise in their mailbox, unless i actually mail them promptly. i am writing this blurb on thanksgiving morning, so, in theory, i could dispense with my obsessing and just finish them and mail them.

dec 26th p.s. - i'm pretty sure i added green and liked them a lot better, but i did not take another photo. the camera/phone/scanner/computer gods have been ganging up on me - so, i'm just lucky to get anything posted. lucky for me, i am content to just toss out random-garbled-fuzzy-mish-mash.


  1. I'm sure they were tickled to receive these random-garbled-fussy-mish-mash envelopes.

  2. mine had green dots and a small green present drawn in! It was great