Saturday, December 6, 2014

miss munster batman

Holy Barcode, Batman!!!!

this is the first time the UGLY barcode actually added to the envelope. i only noticed it when i saw the tiny thumnail size image on the computer. the barcode looked like a little shadow under the lettering, which made the name look 3D, like it was sitting on a landscape. such a wonderful detail.

design lesson for the day.
well, i just wrote a paragraph, but it was too complicated so i deleted it.
design is how you arrange all the elements on your envelope. in this case....karen arranged them beautifully....and someday, when i have time, i will try to prepare a thoughtful and sequential approach to how to arrange your elements on your envelopes....or anywhere else. karen does not need any lessons....but, for those of you who are sometimes stuck on how to arrange things, i can probably come up with some tried and true tips.

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  1. I love that Karen combined calligraphy with the graphic Batman stamp - I would never have thought that combination would work well.