Monday, December 15, 2014

from elena

this one is from elena who signed up for the sept-oct exchange. she has an etsy shop:

i like her mandalas. i have made a few and should put them on the to-do list for envelopes as they would be an envelope friendly design.

thanks, elena

i like elena's flowers. and i am guessing they were made with this brush available at John Neal Books [and a whole lot more]
maybe not...if this is not the tool she used, maybe she'll leave a comment. 

BR50. Miracle Wedge 7900 Brush #8
Miracle Wedge 7900 Brush #8.

Pat Blair uses this brush for simple, easy-to-create flowers. The flowers are quick and used to ornament her pointed pen work. Short handle, golden Talkon bristles, unique wedge shape, seamless ferrule. These long-lasting, better quality synthetic brushes have excellent snap, fine points and sharp edges. For watercolor and acrylics. Only one size available.


  1. Oh thank you !!!
    Thank you for your sweet words and for checking my etsy shop)
    I used one of those thick watercolor brushes ) even Chinese bamboo brush will do the job) as long as it's soft and mushy