Tuesday, December 30, 2014

awards season - janet's snowflake

some of you may recall that last year i awarded a *best-of-the-year* award to one of the envelopes that arrived in 2013. you can see it again if you click on the page tab at the top of the blog.

in october, an envelope arrived that knocked my socks off. so i scanned it and scheduled it for jan 1st - as the best envelope of the year.

then in november, another one arrived that deserved an award, so i scanned that one and posted it - for dec 31st

then this one arrived a couple days after i posted here, asking for someone to send me an envelope addressed like this. so, janet, needs to be on the list of honored penpals for taking time to indulge me in my crazy ideas....

thanks janet - i love the card, too.

- everyone else who has written or emailed deserves to be honored. even if you just check the blog regularly, i'm honored - and i honor you back. thanks for a year of fun mail. i hope this isn't getting too mushy. i'm not the mushy type.


  1. This is great - and I agree, the snowflake card is brilliant.

  2. I appreciate the time you invest in your blog. I look at daily and it continues to inspire me.

  3. thank you alyce. it is nice to hear from you. a few readers sent emails to tell me that they like their daily dose of the blog. i am currently scheduling the february posts and there are some fun things coming up. the year goes so fast when you have a blog. i'm already thinking of some springy envelopes.