Saturday, December 27, 2014

winter exchange - karen

this is resist with watercolor, from karen to jan for the exchange. once again, i never met a polka dot i didn't like.

alert reader jeri sent me an email wondering if i have ever heard of the artist, yayoi kusama. yes, i have seen articles...
you will want to google her...if you have ever liked polka dots.


  1. Beautiful envelope. Bumble as the tree-topper is outstanding, and I like the red hand stamp with the red tones of the watercolor.

  2. Thanks! I laughed out loud after Bumble's placement was complete.
    I tried to make all of the envelopes different from one another. In the end most of them were. But after addressing Jan's and Finn's, I gave up on lettering with a broad edged pen and gouache - no crisp edge was to be found. The watercolor surface and I were sharing very unkind words with each other!

  3. now *I* am laughing out loud. next time i am having issues with an envelope, i think i'll just write some (mildly) unkind words and see what happens. we are so programed to be polite. maybe a little inky-venting would be cathartic.

  4. And of course, I think both Jan's and mine (should show up on my blog early next month) are stunning. But then, I am just a grasshopper.