Monday, December 8, 2014

alyce's exchange envelope

i really like the way the flower is touching the top and bottom edge. and the scale of the lettering is just perfect.

design lesson....scale is size and proportion is relative size. in this case, the size of the nib she used on the name is perfect with the amount of black in the stamp and then the super light weight pen she used on the rest of the lettering is perfect. if she would have used the same pen she used on the flower for the address, there would have been too much black. and if the flower was drawn with the super light weight pen, it would have been too wimpy. so the three weights are perfect.

how do you learn how to balance things like the various weights and sizes of elements (your lines and shapes)? by studying the elements and principles of design. the class i taught in design was bar-none, my favorite class to teach. once students learned that they had built in preferences, they were able to use those preferences to arrange the elements on their envelope (or any other work of art) and achieve compositions that were more pleasing to their eye. understanding design is what gives you your own personal point of view.
just ask tim gunn. or rather...just listen to him....pretty much everything he says is a lesson you would hear in my design class...or any other design class.


  1. Love your lessons! Particularly enjoyed this one. Your name is well suited to that style of lettering; everything about it works. The e is a curve, the a is a transition—a curve and a line—and the n is two lines. Your rule of three applies to (ha!) three things in it: the little accent lines on the a, n, and j; the thin strokes on the e, a, and n; and the perfectly angled ends of the a and n. The curve of the j and the tail of the bird point in opposite directions and are a good distance from each other to work together just right.

  2. Really great envelope!! I never studied Design and just pick up tips like this now and again. And I thank you! In the meantime I'll just keep slinging ink and hope this old dog can pick up some new tricks.
    Again... great envelope


  3. Dear Jean, I just stumbled upon your blog, and it has completely consumed me for two days! I really don't need another obsession. I am a machine quilter and that is bad enough! Thank you so much for sharing all that you have, and I hope to be able to send you an envelope one day!