Thursday, December 18, 2014

miss munster and stu

miss munster collaborated with stuart davis on this one. once again, i am flattered that she shared one of my favorite stamps. i have a couple sheets of these and i still can't make myself use them.

maybe i can make a doll house and use the stamps as the artwork. or make an mini art gallery and hang all my favorite stamps... one more item on my to-do-in-my-dreams list....

and speaking of dreams, the highlights on the letters are D-R-E-A-M-Y

thanks, karen


  1. Karen... Cola pen? Took me 33 yrs to try my hand at Pointed Pen (which is coming along sloooowly! But, progress, none the less.) I will have to try the cola pen at some future time.
    Really like your work; seems so loose and confident .


  2. Jean... Who is Sturart Davis ?

  3. A work by Stuart Davis was included on the page of stamps commemorating modern artists. He is on the page that covers 1913-1931.
    You may read more about that sheet of stamps here:

    or just this part: (also Wikipedia has a brief bio of Stuart Davis)

    The influential works of 12 American modern artists were honored today by the United States Postal Service and the Armory Show with the dedication of the Modern Art in America, 1913 — 1931 stamps. The ceremony took place 100 years after the first Armory Show, a groundbreaking international exhibition which offered many a first look at modern art.

  4. Yes, cola pen. I think it's the last in what Jean called the cola pen series. Those highlights happened relatively naturally. Thanks!

  5. Interesting decision to turn the stamp upside down - it invites the reader/viewer to look at it from a different perspective.

  6. Anything to take the eye in. (I'm cheap like that.)

  7. i wouldn't say cheap - i'd say smart. she makes good choices using the same elements and principles that are available to everyone....