Tuesday, December 10, 2013

susan - cash

i saw some lettering like this in a book called creative lettering. john neal sells it. sorry john, i only check books out of the library. i had fun doing my own variation of it. then i messed up on the street address, so, it looks better here. i used a zig writer which has two tips. and i think i penciled first. always a good idea.

if you are a beginner and have no patience to really learn the basics...you might enjoy this book. if you have taken many workshops and classes, i don't think you would get much out of it. although, i would recommend checking it out from the library as you can find several ideas to work into your own style. there are a couple things that i did with this style that i think are improvements from what's in the book....


  1. I continue to be impressed with how well-suited the Johnny Cash stamp is to many envelopes. I may have to order another sheet.

    USPS has previewed 2 of their stamps for next year. http://www.uspsstamps.com/stamps/preview

    I have never bought/used one of the many Love-themed stamps. I like the 'feathering' on the left of the central heart.

    The US Arizona Memorial on the 2014 priority mail express stamp is stunning, however, even though I am OK with overpaying on postage, I don't think I'll be using any of these!

  2. These letters are my favorite! I love everything about them.