Wednesday, December 11, 2013

amy - kaleidoscope

i have run out of these stamps. this is an oversized photocopy of one of the stamps. the actual size would look better. these letters came from something i saw on pinterest that did not have the entire alphabet. i loooovvvveeeedddd the letter T.
and i doubt the O looked like that. i added more doodads to my version. it would be a fun one to spend more time with. maybe in 2014. does anyone want to see more of this?


  1. Yes Jean, I'm always looking for quirky stuff, although I would make some adjustments and make the letters more balanced in terms of thicks and thins. But a funky idea nevertheless

  2. i agree about the thicks and thins.hopefully, the p.o. will issue some stamps that will offer some inspiration. thanks for commenting.

  3. Love the T's Not sure I love the A.