Thursday, December 26, 2013

big gingerbread house

i'm still scratching my head over why smash didn't see any possibilities with the gingerbread stamp. this one is just chalk. i don't know if i will finish it. i ran out of stamps. maybe i just like this one because of all the blue envelopes that i have....there is something wonderful about having 50+ envelopes that have no use. and they are nice paper. if you only practice on cheap paper, you need to allow yourself some really nice paper for practice. writing on nice paper is amazingly different.


  1. I didn't buy any either. Couldn't think of a thing to do with them!

  2. Obviously you have a much faster imagination. This is the first Christmas without a gingerbread house. We have a bad record with dogs and we're not much better with sugar. Love the blowup and the blue envelopes. This is a great start