Monday, December 30, 2013

gel markers

annie posted a question on an older post asking which markers were my favorites that are discontinued.

sanford made a colorific gel marker, and they are discontinued. i liked them because they were inexpensive and on the rack - everywhere - grocery stores, office supply stores, etc. i tried the crayola gel markers and they are OK but not as good as sanford's.

the galaxy markers that john neal sells are wonderful. the only drawback is that i do not live across the street from john, so i would have to order them. the thought of living across the street from john and all those writing supplies makes my head spin.

to the right is a picture of sakura permapaque opaque pigment markers. it looks like they sell them at scrapbooking stores. i do not allow myself to go into scrapbooking stores. it looks like a set of 5 is over $15 which makes them pretty expensive. but, if you like to spend money on markers, these are really nice. i have a few which were samples given to me back in the day when i was designing fun stuff for a scrapbooking magazine. i had to give up designing for magazines because i was neglecting my family. they are now only half neglected. these markers have two tips, one is squarish, which is very nice for a change from the standard bullet point. the other end is a nice fine weight.

gel markers look great on colored paper. regular markers usually look awful unless you are doing tone on tone. otherwise, they just look like mud. you can save them with layering of gel pens...but if you want a nice opaque color, gel markers are the way to go...and the galaxy markers from john neal are my choice.

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  1. Thank you for all the helpful hints on markers.