Thursday, December 12, 2013

spacing letters - step 2

ignore the name michelle
it has 8 letters and the only thing it shows is that it is better to leave a little space on each end of the name.
so on phillip, divide the envelope into 8 spaces
and put each letter - roughly, over the 7 tic marks that divide the line into 8 spaces

of course, dividing into 8 is easy
but all the other numbers are not.

take graph paper, or notebook paper
and assign numbers along one edge.
start with zero
then, place the lower left corner of the envelope on 0 (zero)
start tilting the envelope up until the lower right corner is on the line with the number of spaces you want.
then...make a tic-mark at 1, 2, 3, etc

those tic marks go right on the edge of the envelope and will need to be erased - later.
once you have the tic-marks on the bottom edge of the envelope
rotate the envelope so that it is level on the desk in front of you.

transfer the tic-marks -up- to the base line you have penciled for your name.
you can use a little triangle or ruler, to transfer them exactly, but it is not necessary.
just eyeballing it will be fine
you can nudge the ticmarks a little if you have some *i*s in the name
i did not adjust much for the illi in phillip
the ph takes up a lot more room than the illi
but, it doesn't bother me that those two letters are a little tight.

once you understand the geometry of this
and do it a few times
you can get good at just placing a ruler, at an angle, across the envelope
and using it to make tic marks...that are also on an angle

i'll make another scan to show that

lemmekno if this makes sense or if it is too complicated
i am trying to get jan to make youtube video tutorials of me doing stuff like this
but first i have to find the charger to my camcorder


  1. This is so clever - even though I have what most people would call a mathematically decent brain, I would never have figured this out.

  2. I have to read this a couple of times more and practice. A video would be great. So get plugged in as soon as you can.