Friday, December 6, 2013

cheeseman - johnny cash

i did an envelope for my mom to use for a birthday card for her brother with the johnny cash stamp. she loved the envelope and asked if i had put it on the blog. i said, no, because the lettering was actually horrific and i had added outlines and drop shadows and dots...and i ended up liking it. so, when i was cleaning off my desk and found this unfinished one, except that the zip code was horrific, i thought i would try the same set of doo-dads to see if i could successfully disguise the horrificosity. i'm happy with how it turned out. now i can't stand the IL, but i can easily fix that with some details inside the letters. i am not going to rescan the fixed envelope. just imagine it with a perfect little detail that i will steal from that doo-dad on the stamp.

oh...the first name needed some of that copper color so that there were 3 blops of copper. i adhere to the rule of three pretty faithfully.

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