Tuesday, December 17, 2013

finn - pink fabric

in addition to not being able to lift my box of stamps, due to back problem, i can't lift the box of envelopes and i know finnbadger included a note with a comment about this envelope...i am writing this on nov 15, so, i hope to have recovered by dec 17 and have better comments on this one....
it's pretty
and i appreciate getting mail

i am recovered, but now i am in full blown panic about the end of year get organized goal.


  1. I need to know more about this envelope. Did Finn marbleize this paper and make the envelope? Good job, very pretty

  2. Hi, Smash. This is an envelope made from a glossy magazine's fashion page - you can see the outline of the left arm coming down from the flap and going behind the stamp.

    Believe me, I do not have the skills/talent to marbelize paper... but I am glad you found it convincing.

    Of the envelopes I've sent to Jean this was not one of my personal favorites, maybe because I didn't like the stamp on there as much as I thought I would. Perhaps it would have looked better with the $1 waves of color stamp? Would that be too many waves?

    I do think the heavy machine frank does a good job of obscuring the stamp details somewhat and maybe switching the focus back to the envelope. Thanks, Mail Sorting Machinery!

  3. i agree with finnbadger that this is not a *favorite.* it's fine. the pink and blue stamp is tough one. maybe the stamp needed to be placed on the part of the pink that was closer to the stamp's pink. the upper right hand corner is so peachy. i'd be curious to see if just moving the stamp would solve the problem. it is on my migwatt list.